About Lori

Working primarily in the area of fiber collage, Lori Miller creates vibrant works using fabrics and other tactile media. Originally from the Quad City area, Miller grew up enjoying pencil drawing, stained glass work, and sculpting. Working in the fields of advertising and marketing, Lori furthered her interest in set design, copywriting and merchandising. Late in the 1990s, she developed her own form of contemporary art using fabrics and fiber media.

Why fabric?

“I have always been interested in fabrics — how they look, drape, and feel,” Miller explains. “In high school, I spent hours drawing fashion designs instead of paying attention during Latin class. Unfortunately, I am no seamstress as I lack the attention span it takes to create garments and quilts. So when I developed this technique of using fabric to create artworks with no sewing involved, I found my medium.  My major artworks take hours and hours to complete, so I suppose I found something that holds my attention, especially since I have been creating mosaic works for over 19 years.”

About fiber art and Miller’s approach

The term “fiber art” describes art that is created using fibers (either natural or synthetic). Fiber art has gained substantial popularity over the years; many art critics regard it as an exciting, innovative medium.  “I have always been intrigued with doing things a little bit differently,” says Miller. “In my work with fiber, I take an unexpected approach in creating mosaic works. I work from my original drawings and then complete each in a mosaic style. Each piece is hand-cut and placed in the design, creating one-of-a-kind works. By using the mosaic technique, I feel it expresses how I see our world. Even with all of the chaos and imperfections of the world, I seek out a beauty and a grace in the everyday. I believe there will always be an amazing balance between confusion and hope and I work to express that connection to the viewer.”

Her career in art

Miller’s work has been shown in numerous galleries, exhibitions, and other public spaces over the last 20 years. She owns The Art Garage, a private art studio, showing her work by appointment and occasionally hosting group shows. Lori has received a wide array of awards throughout her art career and completed numerous commercial and private commissions.

Miller has worked and shown extensively in the Quad Cities area but also Peoria, St. Louis, Naperville, Minneapolis, Des Moines, Davenport and Chicago.

Contact Lori today

“My experiences with creating art have been fulfilling and enjoyable. Having my work included in fine art exhibitions helps to further introduce this medium and encourage others to explore fiber art.  I enjoy teaching not only my mosaic technique, but other fabric classes. Except sewing. I still am a novice with the sewing machine, but do add some free motion stitching to works! If you have questions about my technique, or any piece of artwork, get in touch with me today.  I have learned so much from the sharing of other artists and welcome the opportunity to share anything I can.