Lori Miller

Looking for art that Davenport, IA, locals know and love? Check out Lori Miller, who creates incredibly vibrant and unique fiber arts mosaics. She has exhibited throughout the Davenport area in gallery shows, art festivals and other art venues.

About Fiber Arts

Fiber art includes traditional forms like sewing and knitting. Today, fiber arts involve so much more. A form of fine art, fiber art uses various textiles which can include yarn, fabrics, natural and synthetic fibers. As an art discipline, fiber art is becoming one of the most progressive areas of fine art forms.

About the Artist

Lori Miller has been creating fiber art works for over 20 years, using a variety of fabrics and fiber mediums. She utilizes a contemporary mosaic technique to create inspiring and colorful works. Each piece is completely original; she never creates the same work or pattern twice. Miller has received several awards and commissions, and has exhibited her work across the entire Midwest in numerous shows and galleries. Her own studio, The Art Garage, hosts gallery shows throughout the year; Miller shows her work by appointment. Miller brings a truly exciting and original voice to the fiber arts world, and is well-recognized within the Davenport, IA, arts community.  Quad City Arts exhibit fall 2018

Contact Lori Miller

Would you like to hear more about Lori Miller’s work? Miller is proud to have one of the art studios that Davenport, IA, residents love to visit. Don’t hesitate to contact her today!