If you’re looking for unique, creative art within the Minneapolis, MN, arts scene, look no further than Lori Miller! Miller crafts intricate, colorful pieces of fabric art, each of which adds something unique to the world of fiber arts. Find out more below.

Fiber Art: The Basics

Fiber art is a rapidly growing and increasingly popular style of art. Lori Miller’s work inspires Minneapolis, MN, residents to explore this world. What is fiber art? Here are some of the most common textile art forms:

  1. Weaving. The artist interlaces two or more sets of yarn to form a fabric.
  2. Knitting. Knitting involves using yarn stitches to create a fabric.
  3. Crocheting. Artists create fabric from various materials (usually yarn) using a crochet hook.
  4. Embroidery. The artist decorates fabric with a sewn design.
  5. Quilting. Pieces of fabric are sewn together in a pattern to create a quilted work.
  6. Applique. The artist applies fabrics or other items to another surface.
  7. Collage: An artist mixes and matches materials to create a final image.

Lori Miller: About the Artist

Lori Miller was born and raised in the Quad City area, and grew up enjoying many artistic activities, such as painting, sculpting, and drawing. Professionally, Miller worked in the advertising and marketing field where she developed an array of design and copywriting skills. She lived in suburbs of Minneapolis (Brooklyn Center and New Hope), and Sioux Falls, SD, during her career. For the past 20 years, she has concentrated on creating fiber art works utilizing her specialized mosaic technique. For most pieces, she works first with original drawings, and then transfers those drawings into a unique mosaic style. Today, she shows her work in various galleries, shows, and public spaces across the country. She works in her art studio and shows throughout the midwest where Minneapolis, MN, residents can view her work in person.

For more information about an exciting artist that Minneapolis, MN, locals know and love, contact Lori Miller.