Are you seeking a new kind of art — something wholly original and creative? Look no further than the work of Lori Miller. A Midwest artist, Miller produces art that Naperville, IL, locals know and love. She creates dynamic works of fabric art, using her specialized mosaic technique. With years of expertise under her belt, Lori Miller create textile art that is creative and unique. For more than 20 years, Miller has been showcasing her work in galleries and spaces across the Midwest. Her own art studio offers Naperville, IL, residents the chance to see this fascinating art form.

Fiber Art: Finding Its Place in the Traditional Art World

Fiber art has grown in popularity in past years, due to its innovative yet accessible nature. While fabric and textile arts have been around for centuries, this art form has taken on new life within the last few years. So, how exactly can we define fiber art? The fiber artist uses various textiles and processes to create a finished work. Unlike traditional media, fiber art spans a wide variety of techniques, elements and formats.

Lori Miller: Contact the artist

Residents of Naperville, IL, will find Miller’s work diverse and original. Would you like to find out more about the beautiful fiber arts pieces that Lori Miller creates? Don’t hesitate to contact her today! Ask about a specific piece, or catch one of her upcoming events or shows.