If you want to experience original art that goes beyond standard painting and drawing, look no further than the works of Lori Miller! Her work has been shown in Peoria, IL galleries. Lori Miller creates one-of-a-kind fabric art that tells a story. Her large body of work focuses primarily on scenes of nature, color, and the vibrant outside world. She uses an unusual and captivating mosaic technique to create unparalleled fabric art; this makes hers one of the most exciting art studios on the Peoria, IL, arts scene.

What is Fiber Art?

What exactly is fiber art? Although people have practiced the crafts of fiber art for centuries, it has only grown into its own as a distinct art style in the past few decades. Fiber artists use a range of textiles to create their works of art. These textiles can include yarn, thread, and natural or synthetic fibers. Some of the most commonly-known forms of fiber art include crocheting, knitting, weaving, embroidery, sewing, clothing design, and quilting. Lori Miller’s technique of using fabrics to create contemporary artworks is unique. Her innovative mosaic method results in eye-catching works of dramatic color and design.

Contact Lori Miller: Fabric Artist

If you want to find out more about one of the hottest art forms that Peoria, IL, arts lovers flock to, get in touch with Lori Miller! Would you like to find out more about Miller’s special creations? Maybe you want to know more about a specific piece, or her artistic process. Or you’d like more information on one of her many upcoming events and gallery showings. Don’t hesitate to contact her today!