Are you on the lookout for an innovative art studio that St. Louis, MO, art fans know and love? You’ve come to the right place! In her studio, Lori Miller has produced original, high-quality pieces of fiber art for over 20 years.

Born and raised in the Quad Cities, Miller has always had an affinity for art in its various forms. She has focused on developing her own style of contemporary art using fabrics. Miller uses a unique technique to her fiber art — she employs a specialized mosaic technique that allows her to create beautiful patterns and images. Her work features scenes of the natural world and images of vibrant color. There’s a reason why Lori Miller is becoming noted on the St. Louis, MO, arts scene. She creates truly extraordinary work!

My Process

Mosaic art is centuries old and originally created using ceramic, stone or glass tesserae. Used for decorative purposes, mosaic work can be found worldwide. My fiber mosaic work reflects traditional mosaic design, but is created using fabrics. Each fabric is chosen for color, texture and appropriateness to the subject. All pieces are hand-cut and individually pieced, therefore, no two finished designs are identical.

I begin each work with a drawing, mapping out areas for colors. Using my drawing as reference, I plan out shadow areas and other details that will be featured in the work. Depending on the design, I may use a combination of artist tape, freezer paper or a template to guide me as I piece out each area. Cutting and ironing down each piece is the next step. My work is fairly time-consuming but I love the process and enjoy the decision-making as I move through each artwork.

I’m happy to share my process and inspiration so feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries about my work. The best way to contact me is via email to  find out more about me and my work.