Where can I purchase your work? In the Quad City area: Quad City Arts, 1715 2nd Ave, Rock Island, IL and Artists Vault, 208 N. 2nd St., Eldridge, IA. I have smaller works on display at both venues. 

For larger works, I sell through inquiries on this site, as well as during gallery shows and various outdoor/indoor art shows. For show notifications, please sign up for my newsletter so I can keep you posted! And to inquire about any of the works on this site, drop me a quick email using the Contact page.

Is it really fabric? Yes, the entire work is created from a variety of fabrics – anything that can be ironed can be found in my work. The only exception is mixed media I may use in some pieces (rocks, string, loose fibers, paint, etc.) The base canvas is also fabric, usually a heavy cotton twill or duck fabric.

Over time, will the colors in the artwork fade?
The best way to answer this is ‘no, if properly displayed.’  Just like a watercolor, if the artwork is placed in direct sunlight, it will fade. I do not treat my fabric with a sealant as this compromises the color and can leave a light film on the piece.  As long as you keep the work out of direct sunlight, it will remain colorful and bright for years to come!

What will I need to know to take care of my artwork?  My mosaics are similar to other fine artwork (watercolors, collages, for example). Keep the artwork away from direct heat sources. There should be no need to clean your mosaic; if dust collects, lightly blow away dust particles. Do not dry clean or launder. Any fraying and rough edges are intentional and should not be considered defects.

Does the artwork need to be framed behind glass?
No. Similar to art quilts and other fiber works, my work does not require glass or Plexiglas covering.  However, I do frame the majority of my pieces with Plexiglas (larger works over 11 x 14) or glass (under 11 x 14).  Pricing reflects a framed work with glass/Plexiglas. 

What are your payment terms?  I accept credit cards (through Square) as well as checks and money orders.  I do ask for checks to clear before shipping/delivering artwork. Commission work terms are outlined below.

What is the price for commissioned work?
Currently, I price each commission work on an estimate basis, using a per square inch formula. If you are interested in having an original printed on a tile or other surface, I will provide a price for the specific product.

How does the commission process work?
An initial site visit or review of the site via electronic methods is conducted to determine the scoop and specific requirements of the project.  After this visit and discussions with the homeowner, art consultant, or designer in which the size, shape, subject matter, and completion date are worked out in a written proposal, sketches and photographs, a nonrefundable deposit of 25% of the agreed upon price is required as a down-payment.  An in-progress meeting/review provides my clients with updates and delivery schedule. The final balance of 75% is due upon delivery of the final artwork or within a 10-day period after delivery.

What shipping options do you offer? Depending on location, I prefer USPS and UPS.

What is the return policy for the artwork?
All attempts to protect and prolong the quality of the artwork have been taken before it leaves the studio.  Should the work incur unforeseen damage, it will be repaired free of charge, for up to two years, after which time the current hourly studio rate will be charged.  The current rate is 100.00 an hour.