Fine Art

Fine Art by Lori Miller: Mosaic Designs

I am an artist who takes a different approach to creation. Through the inspiration of nature, color and the vibrancy of life, I create mosaic art using a variety of colorful fabrics. My fine artwork has been exhibited across the Midwest in galleries, showcasing my original pieces, from multi-colored fabric mosaic banners to canvas works. I chose to specialize in this type of fine art medium after being inspired by abstract and organic forms and ideas early on in my career.

Nature, Color and Life

My designs are inspired by the beauty of nature. To capture nature’s bounty, I experiment with different colors and textures of fabrics. I became a fiber collage artist nearly 20 years ago, evolving my process over the years. My process has evolved into an intuitive process with each mosaic piece representing my ideas through the strategic placement of color and utilization of negative space. I have explored the use of upcycled media, along reproducing my works on vibrant art tiles, two-panel works, banners, canvas art and more. I invite you to peruse my award-winning designs!

Fine Art

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To see more of my fine art and inquire about how to acquire one of my older or more recent pieces, feel free to contact me. Please fill out the online form to learn more about my work, whether a general inquiry or specific question about a particular piece.