Most of my abstract work is inspired by natural formations – the variations found in nature. In looking at a landscape, I see how it is broken up into forms, then into areas of color and finally. those intricate details that may be lost to the viewer. The shapes of nature don’t seem like they should work together, but they come together in an amazing harmony.

My figurative work features dramatic visuals inspired by strong colors and painterly techniques. I enjoy how negative space works with my subjects to create vibrant compositions.

This work, “Thaw”, is part of a series of work that incorporates found and upcycled items. On this piece, I had some pieces of clear resin in the studio from previous jewelry projects. Instead of tossing into the trash, the resin became inspiration as the icy, final stages of a winter thaw. I am one of an ever-growing group of artists that can not overlook the waste of excess ‘stuff’ and am continually seeking some way to re-create or give new life to ‘junk.’ The challenge of trying to find new function for items that were tossed is invigorating and part of my ongoing creative exercise.¬† The piece below, “Blue Streak,” incorporates a small rusted metal piece of chain I found in a parking lot at one of my son’s baseball games. My favorite color is blue and I wanted to showcase how blue is not only seen in the sky, but throughout landscapes in the right light…

Part of the joy of creating these nature-inspired pieces is being able to play with color choices and use unexpected combinations. The use of unconventional color palettes also pays homage to nature’s own unpredictability. I also find I imagine myself standing in the place I’ve created and enjoying the majesty of these¬† landscapes.